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Monday, August 4, 2008

Just under the one year mark!

Okay, folks. It's 11:37 pm in the City of Angels and I have just finished shooting - count 'em - FOUR new MATT'S PENTAMETER episodes. Now, I am aware that I have left you all in the lurch for a long time and that none of you probably even read my blogs anymore, but trust me, there's some fun stuff.

I will humbly admit that I am not letter-perfect on one or two of these. As a perfectionist, I hate myself, but I also realize that if I took any more time, I would never do this. So.

Four new episodes that need only to be edited (really, only opening and closing credits and some color balancing) and then will make their way onto the world wide interweb.

Two new episodes are in the works for possible production this week, with the help of my friend Patrick. (Let's just say one involves a candy bar and the other requires "audience participation." Stop thinking what you're thinking. It's not that.)

I hope to corner JLo on Saturday to help me learn how to edit and to get the theme music out of mothballs. God willing, I'll even be able to use the new graphics!

Here's to new episodes!!

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