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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The whole point of my last post

Oh, right. ; )

So, even though we only have a few people in the class, it's been going really well! And I'm hoping to have a short evening of "monologues" for the rest of the company.

Plus, there was talk yesterday of taking it into a more virtual realm. Since each sonnet is a monologue where you need to answer the basic acting questions (who am I, where am I, what do I want, etc.), every sonnet is personalized. It has a beginning, middle and an end and they all deal with universal subjects that we can all relate to: love, jealousy, etc. So put yourself in a situation where you would be saying or thinking these things. Once you've got that down and YOU believe it and know what you're saying, everybody listening will understand what you're saying. Trust me.

Then the next thing is to take it out of theatre and into life. Did you put yourself at a bar talking to a bartender about your lovelife and you go 180 on your couplet because your lover walks in? Go to a bar and shoot the scene. Are you confronting your lover about an affair? Where? Take modern places and instances and put the sonnets in them - the words may seem out of place for the location, but the meanings will be the same and maybe even more emotional than simply, "I love you but I'm angry and sad." (If I EVER use that line in a screenplay, please kill me.)

Anybody wanna come to class?

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