Saturday, December 6, 2008

Titles... n' stuff

I've had this overwhelming urge to mention this recently for some reason..... the idea of a short web series cropped up about a year ago when I mentioned to my pals at Mutiny Universe that I wanted to do some full-on DVD quality instructional videos about HAMLET, MIDSUM, R&J, etc. for use in high schools. We'd need some funding, of course... perhaps PBS? Easier, it was mentioned, to get a web presence first and show that I knew what I was talking about (so much for that...)

I believe it was Ryan who suggested the name MATT'S PENTAMETER. I've grown to really love it.

So, this is basically a quick thanks to the MU crowd and to Ryan for the cool name!

Happy holidays.

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Jason J. Loya said...

Yeehaw! I have been thinking a lot about the next step for Shakey - especially now that this here web log is growing so nicely. I suppose we'll have to wait until everything else gets going but it won't be long! Cheers!


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